Sabtu, 09 April 2011

In Australia..

I know.. I know..
this blog is rotten to the core..
no update, no nothing..
please forgive me..
i'm trying my best.. tehehe..

Senin, 14 Maret 2011

I'm Back!

Ini blog sangat amat jarang di update.
So here I am while waiting for my grilled chicken to be ready writing a bit about my story.
Baru saja kembali dari Australia. Was there for a month. Back here untuk memperpanjang passport yang kebetulan sudah mau habis.
And planning to apply for another visa to go back to Australia. Can't be too long being far away from my hubby.
HHmmm.. aroma ayam yg aku panggang sungguh menggoda :P~

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011


Alhamdulillah, kelar sudah cuciannya.. sekarang para cucianku itu sedang berpanas-panasan mengeringkan diri.
Masih ada beberapa sebenarnya yang harus aku cuci, but Inshallah will do it next time when I feel like to..

Well, after this.. off I go to the grocery store!!

Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011


Hohoho.. last evening when me and my hub were chatting on Yahoo he told me he is downloading Skype. He registered and then asked me what's my Skype ID. And then we off from Yahoo Messenger, moved to Skype.
I gotta tell ya, Skype is much better than Yahoo (ofcourse!).

We kept on chatting there until his time to off to bed.
And this morning (well, should I call this morning, it was 10.30 AM) when i just awake, i turn my computer on and saw my hub already online on his Skype. And I received a call from him. He asked me 'You just got up from bed? what time is it??'

Tehehe, having Skype is like we're sooo close. He watched me doing the dishes, too.. aiyoyo..

Anyway, thank you so much Skype !!

Kamis, 13 Januari 2011


Suami tak suka kalau difoto. I respect that. But saya rindu sekali wajahnya yang rileks. Sebab foto-foto yang ada dirumah adalah pass photo, model buat passport. Straight-looking one. Ada satu aku tempel di cermin with two stickers holding it, one say 'I Love You', the other say 'I Need You'. He didn't say anything about it, nor asking me to take it down. I guess dia hargai perasaanku padanya.
So, this last couple days while we were having a video chat I snapped his look view times. Happynya! I got one with him making funny face, one with beautiful smile (I set this one now as my desktop background) and some other pics which now i saved under 'My Love' folder.
Hey, why I keep on munching food??

Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

Kalau Pemalas Buat Blog...

Inilah jadinya..
Blog membusuk tanpa update..
Hey! don't say that!! I have reason for this telantarkan blog anda..

This last few months, aku nggak ada access untuk internet+no komputer :(

But Alhamdulillah! I am now back in track!! Yippie!

My husband was in his weeks off started from 23rd of Dec 2010 to 8th of Jan 2011. He came home and spent holiday with me. He brought me a new laptop dari Australia. It was nice.

Since he's not letting me to get any job, at least sekarang aku ada things to do. Keep myself busy. Busy browsing. Update status di FB. Start to blog again.
Blog tuh bagus, especially buat orang yang ingatannya kurang seperti aku. To track down memories. What happened in my life. Tak pentinglah ada orang baca atau tidak (boleh juga sih kalau ada.. nak kasih hadiah piring cantik untuk yang sering kunjung ke Blog ku ^^)

Anyway, last night antar suami tunggu taxi. Kita berdiri nunggu taxi lewat. Waktu sekitar jam 11.40 Pm. Banyak taxi lewat but once we waved to them, they waved back means that they're not in duty no more. Sorry ladies, nak cepat-cepat pulang peluk istri.
Hhmm.. nanti jam 8.30 Am inshaAllah pesawatnya mendarat and tomorrow Hubby's back to work
Miss him already..

Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Lurkin' on the old emails

Alhamdulillah!! first of all, EID MUBARAK!!

6.18 am, i was checkin' on my old sent emails, ada beberapa foto yang aku kirimkan ke hubby taun lalu, he was in his country and i was here all alone :( ,
some pictures i took at the fish market, biasanya aku pergi ke fish market with him, but at that time i was alone, and the place reminded me of him :

Those photos were sent to him on 1st of October 2009..

and yet some more pictures of cookies and cake i made..
bolu-roll.jpg love-cookies.jpg
sent on september 14, 2009.
He wasn't here with me, too. Jadi aku pikir i might just send him the pictures..

Anyway, sudah beberapa bulan ini suami bersamaku.. senangnya ^^